Chip Tuning

Our tuning boxes improve the thermodynamic efficiency of the engine and help your vehicle to use the hidden power reserves efficiently.


Most manufacturers are supplying vehicles with the same engine used but with different power levels. This means that only the software at the ECU is responsible for the actual power delivery. At this point we can offer the tuning box of SPEED-BUSTER which gives you the extra power of the higher output models and for a fraction of the dealer price.

Also in vehicle engines there are significant power reserves to handle the different air pressures, limit values for waste gases and fuel differentials for varying global markets.

Where a large part of the market representing tuning boxes are still working with basic 1-2 channel systems we are already developing for the future. 5 channel systems are already available for selected vehicles here and the performance increases are technically years ahead.

In order to enable a legal operation on the road certification is ready for more than 1,000 vehicles to allow simple registration in the vehicle documents.

High End Quality

By optimizing various sensor data to increase the performance by up to 30% is possible. Thanks to the increased torque fuel savings of up to 10% is possible. Original plugs and waterproof cast housing ensure easy installation and long-term reliability. Multi-channel processor means that the data from up to eight sensors is processed in real time, recalculated and sent to the engine control unit. This recalculation on the basis of vehicle-specific characteristics means that several engine parameters are simultaneously modified (not simply rail pressure increase). All SPEED-BUSTER® tuning boxes are configured with specially designed maps that are precisely matched to each type of vehicle. Our tuning developers determine in extensive dynamometer measurements and tests the ideal map for every vehicle. The original connectors made by the manufacturer allow easy removal and leave no trace. The SPEED-BUSTER Chiptuning-Kit can then be reused. When installing we do not interfere with the original manufacturer ECU maps so the factory-set manufacturers parameters are left intact. After removing the tuning box, the vehicle is back to factory stock condition. The SPEED-BUSTER tuning box has an electronic dial switch on the rear panel with which you can choose from nine different maps from mild to agressive.


The SPEED-BUSTER Chiptuning-Box additionally has its own protection mechanisms to redhuce wear on the engine:

Engine Protection

During operation of the SPEED-BUSTER ® tuning box all motor own protection programs remain active.

Our SPEED-BUSTER box has a so-called Cold Start Timer, this means that the increase in performance two minutes after the engine start starts. Advantage is that the fluids and lubricants in the engine (oil, coolant, etc.) can be distributed only optimally before the onset of tuning

Our maps feature a timer function for engine protection under full load, ie after 20 seconds the full load power is regulated back to the factory output. After each load change, the timer is reset and the tuning is again full available. Trips for no apparent load changes are almost exclusively highway driving. Trips for no apparent load changes are almost exclusively highway driving. For not to affect adversely here when travelling long distances, the throttle resistance of the motor regulates our Tuning out here. Must be braked for example, then is the accelerate again in the tuning immediately, in reason that a load change has occurred. (For this reason, for test rides also requires a special map which does not regulate the performance out.)