1. Guarantee application

The guarantee application must be completed in full within 10 working days after handover of the additional control unit, be dated and signed and returned to the guarantor (Speed Buster Australia). Upon receipt, you will receive a stamped copy of the application for your documents by email.

2. Scope of the guarantee

The warranty is valid for all damages to the following engine components and parts, as far as these have been proved by the use of the products of Speed-Buster: 
2.1 Engine: engine block, cylinder head, cylinder bushings, piston, crankshaft, crankshaft, camshaft, camshaft wheel , Connecting rods, all internal parts connected to the oil circuit, motor valves, valve guide, crankcase, intake manifold, oil pan. 
2.2 Power transmission: cardan shafts, final drive shafts, gearboxes (with the exception of couplings and coupling parts integrated in the gearbox)

3.Guarantee Period:

The guarantee period begins with the acquisition of the tuning box (date of invoice) and ends after one year, but at the latest with a vehicle age of 5 years after initial registration or the reaching of 100,000 kilometers.

4. Guarantee condition

4.1 The warranty applies exclusively to vehicles registered in Australia & New Zealand
4.2 The warranty applies exclusively to the vehicle registered in the guarantee card and exclusively to the vehicle owner registered in the guarantee card, it is not transferable.
4.3 5 years warranty on the product and 2 years on the engine (conditions apply).

5. Warranty Restriction

There is no warranty claim

a) for damage caused by normal wear and tear of the vehicle. 
b) for damages resulting from non-performed service and maintenance work in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. 
(c) for damage resulting from the exceeding of the permissible towed load or the permissible total weight of the vehicle. 
(d) for damage caused by the use of fuels and equipment not used by the manufacturer, such as engine oils. 
e) for damages resulting from changes to the control devices or emissions-modifying measures. 
f) for vehicles used in motor sport or in general for events with a competitive character, as well as the associated exercise and test drives.

6. Benefits

Speed Buster Australia assumes the actual and demonstrable repair costs of the aforementioned motor components and parts up to a maximum of $5,000.00. If the current value of the vehicle does not exceed the repair costs immediately before the damage occurs, there is no obligation to pay a guarantee. The assumption of further claims such as (but not exhaustive) towing and accommodation costs, loss of use, car rental costs and costs for the removal of damages to other parts of the vehicle are expressly excluded.

7. Procedure for the guarantee claim

7.1 In the event of the occurrence of a warranty claim on the vehicle components and parts covered by this warranty within the warranty period, Speed-Buster shall be informed immediately in writing of the occurrence of any damage. The following documents must be supplied together with the damage report: ( 
a) the original purchase document of the additional control unit 
b) proof (eg service booklet of the vehicle manufacturer in original form) of compliance with the service and maintenance intervals prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer ( 
c) copy of the vehicle registration document (approval certificate, part I) ; of the purchase contract for the motor vehicle 

7.2The repair release and the cost savings are made exclusively by Speed-Buster Australia.
7.3 The commissioning of a repair and the preparation of a fee-based offer require the prior written consent of Speed-Buster Australia.
7.4 Any guarantee given by the guarantor of the guarantor shall allow access to the vehicle and the full investigation of the damage as well as all the information necessary to determine the damage and extent of the damage.

8. Scope

Speed-Buster assumes actual and proven repair costs upon presentation of the invoice for the engine components and parts covered by this warranty for each claim up to a maximum of $5,000.00.

9. Limitation of time

The claims expire after a period of 12 months after the occurrence of the loss event.

10. Applicable law

The guarantee is subject to Queensland, Australia law.