Speed-Buster Performance Diesel Chip Land Rover Range Rover 2012- SDV8 250 kW

Land Rover Range Rover 2012- SDV8 250 kW Speed-Buster Performance Diesel Chip

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Product Description

Land Rover Range Rover 2012Improve your Land Rover Range Rover 2012- POWER from 250kw to 299kw and torque from 700nm to 861nm the difference 49kw and 161nm

The SPEED-BUSTER ® Chiptuning Box is a more than 60,000-fold tried and tested additional electronic for diesel and gasoline for easy and efficient improved performance. The SPEED-BUSTER ® Chiptuning boxes are manufactured in Germany for over 12 years from Germany’s biggest tuning box manufacturers in Germany.

Thanks to an exclusive multi-channel technology – the Chiptuning Box optimizes many different engine parameters simultaneously – an increase in diesel development is reliably avoided. SPEED-BUSTER ® Chiptuning boxes are therefore (for example, unlike conventional single-rail pressure boxes) perfectly suitable for use in vehicles with diesel particulate filter DPF.

The Chiptuning-Box is simply plugged in by waterproof original plugs on the engine and is to remove at any time without leaving a residue. On the vehicle itself no changes or modifications were made.

Unlike many other Boxes: For many types of vehicles with TÜV approval and thus road legal!